California Bill Aims to Make Abortion a Matter Between a Woman and Her Non-Doctor

The abortion industry has a persistent complaint: They can’t seem to find doctors who want to do their killing.

There seems to be a general consensus among the medical community in favor of easy “access” to abortion, but when it comes to actually performing the abortions, most doctors want respectability among their peers and their friends, and so they don’t want to stoop to that level. Even among OB/Gyns, most send their abortion-minded patients to an abortion clinic, rather than do the abortion themselves.

For years, the “pro-choice” movement has been lobbying for non-physicians to do abortions (while all too frequently parroting the tired, old cliché that abortion should be a private matter “between a woman and her doctor”). Now the California State Senate has decided to accommodate the abortion crowd by passing a bill that would permit nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants to perform abortions.

This type of legislation proves that after more than 40 years of legal abortion in the United States, there is still a stigma to being an abortionist.

The proponents of the bill claim that it will bring “access” to abortion to women in more rural areas where there are fewer doctors — the vast majority of whom are, apparently, unwilling to perform abortions. However, the bill stipulates that the non-physicians must be able to secure a doctor’s intervention in the event of an emergency, so doctors are still required to be somewhat involved, but only in a peripheral role.

It’s a sad commentary that the advocates of abortion and their legislative allies want to involve ever more members of the medical community in the killing of innocent, unborn babies. It is my fervent hope that nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants will be as reluctant as doctors to become agents of death, and that they will refuse to perform abortions. It would be the honorable thing to do.

But if honor and integrity are not persuasive, there is still the reality that those who perform abortions will face protesters when they arrive at work, sidewalk counselors who try to dissuade pregnant women from using their services, and the twinge of shame that is inevitable if your job is killing tiny human beings.


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