Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children at 85 Sites Nationwide, 9/14

Burial of unborn babies in DetroitIn September of 1988, over 1,200 children, victims of legal abortion, were laid to rest at Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

On September 14, twenty-five years after that burial, their memory—and the memory of all the 55 million children killed by abortion under Roe v. Wade—will be honored at more than 85 gravesites and memorial sites nationwide on the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children.

You can find a memorial service near you at AbortionMemorials.com.

There are over 40 known sites where aborted babies have been buried across the country and hundreds more memorial markers, plaques and statues in churches, cemeteries and even in public places.

The Day of Remembrance seeks to draw attention to the humanity of the children honored at these sites, and to the inhumanity of abortion.

Plans have been underway for months and thousands are expected to participate in this first of its kind event. Never before have these babies been remembered on so large a scale in what is hoped to become an annual pro-life event.

Several gravesites and many memorial markers are still in need of services, so check out the list of sites to see where help is needed. There’s still time to plan a memorial service—even if it’s a small one. Honoring these babies at their gravesites on a small scale is far better than not honoring them at all.

Get the full list of sites and memorial service details and find out how you can get involved at AbortionMemorials.com.

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