Join the League: Give Up One Meal a Week this Lent for the Conversion of an Abortion Worker

Give up one meal a week for the conversion of an abortion workerThe ancient fasting season of Lent begins tomorrow, Ash Wednesday.

In observance of this ancient fast leading up to Easter, the Pro-Life Action League is calling on pro-life people to a special sacrifice in addition to their other Lenten sacrifices, specifically for the conversion of abortion workers.

After last year’s CONVERTED: From Abortion Workers to Pro-Life Activists conference, we at the League have been inspired to greater prayer and fasting for these workers. Their testimonies are becoming a key aspect of the fight to turn America against abortion.

With that in mind, we’re calling for all pro-life people to join us in giving up one meal each week throughout Lent to pray for the conversion of one specific abortion worker. Even if you don’t typically observe Lent, we’re asking you to prayerfully consider joining in this important work of fasting and prayer.

Whether it’s breakfast on Monday, lunch on Wednesday, dinner on Friday, pick one meal to give up each week and offer that sacrifice with prayers for one abortion worker to awaken to the truth and quit their job.

If you spend time in prayer outside an abortion clinic, you may wish to pray for one of the workers you see there regularly. But you don’t need to have a specific person in mind: God will know which abortion worker your prayers and fasting are being offered for.

End Abortion by Praying Workers Out

We’ve heard it straight from the mouth of the abortion industry: they’re terrified at the rate at which their workers have been leaving. Join us this Lent as we pray and fast one meal a week with the specific intention of the conversion of one abortion worker.

And be sure to look for the audio and video of the moving talks from the CONVERTED conference on the League’s website very soon!

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