Chicago Abortion Clinic Continues Stall Tactics to Avoid Paying $36,000 Fine

Women's Aid lawsuit

A hearing was held on Tuesday, June 18 in the case of People of the State of Illinois v. Women’s Aid Clinic of Lincolnwood in Cook County Court in downtown Chicago, and  Women’s Aid Clinic owner Larisa Rozansky is continuing her stall tactics: As has happened in four of the past five hearings in the case, Rozansky didn’t bother to show up in Judge Alexander White’s courtroom.

The state Attorney General’s office filed suit [PDF] against Women’s Aid in August 2012 after the notorious abortion facility refused to pay the $36,000 fine assessed against it by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) following an September 2011 inspection that uncovered deplorable conditions and several serious violations.

Rozansky has appeared in court for only one of the hearings in the case this year. On April 16, she showed up with a stack of paperwork—but without an attorney. Judge White reminded her that because Women’s Aid Clinic was a corporate debtor, it must be represented by an attorney.

Rozansky then told Judge White that she didn’t have the money to hire an attorney, to which he responded that the issue was not whether she personally had the money to hire an attorney, but whether Women’s Aid Clinic had the money to hire an attorney.

She replied that Women’s Aid Clinic doesn’t have the money, either, and that it had filed for bankruptcy [PDF] in October 2011 because it had no assets (although that case was dismissed a month later).

Still, that would explain Rozansky’s March 13, 2012 letter [PDF] to William Bell of the IDPH in which she claimed that Women’s Aid Clinic “does not exist and does not have any assets or associated bank accounts.”

And yet, while supposedly “not exist[ing],” the facility still continued to do business under the name “Women’s Aid Clinic” for several more weeks. What’s more, the name “Women’s Aid Clinic of Lincolnwood” was the name that appeared on the facility’s May 2012 eviction order [PDF] brought on by the $50,000 in back rent owed to its landlord.

As reported previously, Women’s Aid Clinic has since moved to Chicago and changed its name to Women’s Aid Center, and is still in operation.

Clearly, Women’s Aid Clinic-now-it’s-Women’s Aid Center is in dire financial straits, so it’s no surprise that Rozansky is refusing to pay the $36,000 fine by continuing to employ stall tactics to draw the legal process out as long as she can.

But she can’t draw it our forever. At the June 18 hearing, Judge White granted Assistant Attorney General Vincent Kan’s request to serve a turnover order for nearly $38,000 on Women’s Aid Clinic/Center.

The next hearing date in the case is July 18.  Watch this space for developments.

Abortion Clinic = “Health Care Business”? Nope.

Women's Aid Clinic's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing 

This screenshot of the Women's Aid Clinic abortion facility's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in October 2011 is further proof that even the abortion industry recognizes what we've been saying for years: Abortion is NOT Health Care.

A couple things to note about the aforementioned bankruptcy filing [PDF] in October 2011: Not only did Women’s Aid owe their bank nearly $70,000, but they also owed $65,000 to RH Donnelley (the Yellow Pages publisher) and Yellow Book.

One suspects that Larisa Rozansky pays her advertising bills about as often as she shows up to court hearings.

It’s also interesting to note that under the heading “Nature of Business,” the box for “Health Care Business” was not checked.  Instead, the “Other” box was checked.

As we’ve been saying for years, Abortion Is Not Health Care — and in moments of honesty, even the abortion industry agrees.

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