How Have We Come to This?

The closing arguments are being made in the grisly murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. The case leads us to wonder, how has “reproductive care” come to this — the murder of newborn infants by snipping their spinal cords?

Perhaps the root cause can be found in America’s glorification of sex. Not sex within marriage, but promiscuity, hook-ups, pornography, and lust. The culture of licentiousness has people convinced that sex is all about pleasure and should be “consequence-free”. Society is forgetting about the selfless love of spouses. Instead, lust leads to the objectification of one’s sexual “partner”.

Once the door has opened to allow the objectification of human persons and stripping of their dignity, why stop there?

Contraception is the first domino in the chain of moral desensitization. In Humanae Vitae, 17, Pope Paul VI warned that birth control would lead to the degradation and objectification of a woman to a “mere instrument of selfish enjoyment” rather than the “respected and beloved companion” of a man. But of course, the secular world ignored his prophecy, which has since proved to be true.

Sin only breeds more sin

Margaret Sanger founded the first Planned Parenthood in 1916 as a birth control clinic. Never mind that she was a eugenicist, her agenda was never questioned, but quickly adopted.

Procreation is no longer considered the natural consequence of sex. When birth control fails, the resulting pregnancy is seen as a mistake. But wait — sex was supposed to be consequence-free! With this logic, of course abortion makes sense to fix this problem.

Too few care to counter this culture of lust, yet many promote it. Our government, particularly this current administration, is pushing the contraceptive agenda. The infamous Alfred Kinsey has influenced academia since his studies were published in the 1940’s and 50’s. His Kinsey Reports served to normalize deviant sexual behavior, and Kinsey is considered a precursor to the sexual revolution. Not surprisingly, Kinsey was bisexual, and both he and his wife were polyamorous.

Lust has killed virtue. Human persons who should be in relationships of love are objectified and discarded. Children, not only in Gosnell’s “house of horror”, but in every abortion clinic in America, are stripped of their dignity as they are killed and discarded. The gradual progression of lust to murder is tragic but not entirely shocking.

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