Talking about Abortion: When to Branch from the Head to the Heart


Our friend Stephanie Gray of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform wrote an excellent article this week entitled “Ignorant—Or in Denial?”

She writes:

A whole lot of people we speak with aren’t merely defending a pro-abortion worldview in theory; they are defending their very selves, or their loved ones—their pasts, their deadly choices.

The disposition of these who are in denial is fundamentally different from the disposition of the ignorant. When the latter hear a pro-life argument, they are enlightened—a reaction of the head. But when the former hear it, they are agitated—a reaction of the heart. This different reaction necessitates a fundamentally different response.

It is here where the pro-lifer must learn to master the art of branching from the head to the heart.

The key word is “branch.” We should initially meet the person where they’re at, engaging them on an intellectual level if that’s where the conversation began. But when that fails to break through to them, consider asking questions that could draw things from their heart…

Read the whole thing.

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