“Do We Know When Life Begins?”

QuicktakeStephanie Gray, writing at LifeSiteNews:

Have you ever heard someone who supports abortion claim, “No one knows when life begins”? The funny thing is, these very individuals actually do claim to know when it begins. If they ban abortion at 3 months, then they are implicitly saying life begins at 3 months. If they ban abortion at 6 months, then they are implicitly saying life begins at 6 months. The question is this: Is where they draw the line based on fact or convenience?

Moreover, abortion advocates are making an even greater concession than they realize. Consider the labels “3 months” or “6 months”: these reveal the passage of time, and show that time is being “clocked” from a beginning point 3 or 6 months prior. So wherever abortion advocates draw a line, they are unwittingly making this major admission: that life began where they started clocking the passage of time that brought them to 3 or 6 months. So what happened 3 or 6 months prior? Fertilization. And that’s when life begins.

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