Abortionist Gosnell Found Guilty—Just Like Every Abortionist Should Be

Kermit Gosnell: Guilty on three counts of murder.

The Pro-Life Action League commends the jury for taking their job seriously, analyzing the evidence presented to them, and finding Gosnell guilty. But this case raises all sorts of issues beyond the charges of murder and other felonies, or even the a guilty verdict.

The abortion industry has tried to distance itself from the Gosnell “House of Horrors” as if a clean, sanitized abortion clinic is a much better place for babies to die, and, for that matter, mothers to die. Don’t forget Tonya Reaves, who had her abortion in a nice, clean Michigan Avenue abortion clinic operated by Planned Parenthood in Chicago. No guilty verdict in her case. In fact, no charges.

The Gosnell case forces America to look at the underlying conundrum of a society that accepts abortion as a legitimate choice, thereby admitting that the unborn baby has no standing among us.

What Difference Does Age Make?

So, what makes the difference? When does the baby’s life matter? Apparently it’s OK to slice into the baby while he is still in the womb, but not after he is inadvertently born.

And what is the difference between 23 weeks and six days, and 24 weeks? What happened that day? Why did the state decide it might want to protect the baby at 24 weeks, but not the baby at 23 weeks and six days?

The reality is that Kermit Gosnell is guilty of killing every baby that had the unhappy misfortune to be “treated” at his infamous “House of Horrors.”

Did any child ever survive a trip to his Philadelphia abortion clinic? Of course not. The reason they were there was that they were slated for execution. In fact, every abortionist is guilty of killing every unwelcome baby that has been brought to him. They should all be hauled into court and put behind bars.

Pro-Life Movement Must Grasp Educational Moment

What do we do with this verdict and the issues the Gosnell case has exposed? The pro-life movement needs to step up its educational and awareness campaigns. Our fellow citizens need to face the fact that every abortion kills a child and endangers a woman. They need to see what an abortion really does to a baby. Efforts like our Face the Truth Tours should be happening in every city in America.

We are pleased that Kermit Gosnell will pay the price for the crimes he committed. But how many other abortionists are getting away with the same thing day after day?

Some of them are in squalid conditions like Gosnell’s. Some are in the “Abortion Fortresses” that are Planned Parenthood’s new business model.

Every baby dies. Every woman is wounded. And some women die from the choice our culture urges her to make.

It’s Time To End Legal Abortion

It’s time to end this experiment with legal abortion. It’s not working. Abortion supporters can’t find any situation in which they would reject abortion, in spite of grisly stories like those that came out of the Gosnell investigation. Their solution is to just get a better cleaning crew.

It is just too sad that we are willing to consign so many children to death by abortion. Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day. I have 23 grandchildren—all of them precious beyond words. But so is every baby that has been aborted. They should have been loved. They should have been born.

I pray that the Gosnell case will open the eyes of those people who think abortion is a valid choice and that our nation will finally say no: Killing an unborn, defenseless child is always wrong.

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