Good Friday and Abortion: Connecting Victims Across Centuries

Way of the Cross in Aurora, ILMedia Advisory—What’s the connection between Good Friday and abortion? The Friday before Easter holds a special significance for pro-life Christians, linking the passion and suffering of the innocent victim Christ the Savior to the slaughter of innocent unborn children nearly 2,000 years later.

Eric Scheidler, who is coordinating coast-to-coast prayer vigils at America’s abortion facilities this Good Friday, March 29, can share with your audience:

  • How Golgotha, the ancient “place of the skull,” has reappeared today with the establishment of abortion facilities in communities all over the country.

  • How prayers offered for all the victims of abortion—the children lost, the mothers wounded, the communities blighted—are changing hearts and saving lives.

  • Why Good Friday is an ideal time for Americans to put their pro-life convictions into effective action.

  • How clergy and concerned individuals can participate in this nationwide prayer service, “The Way of the Cross for Abortion Victims,” in their own communities.

Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League, is an articulate and passionate advocate for an active pro-life Christianity.

To book Eric, contact Tom Ciesielka at 312.422.1333 or via e-mail. 

More information about “The Way of the Cross for Abortion Victims” is available right here.

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