MUST-WATCH Video: “I Couldn’t Tell You How Ridiculously Unsafe It Was,” Says Former Planned Parenthood Nurse

The local ABC affiliate in Philadelphia has an eye-opening report on the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Wilmington, Delaware from which five (5) patients have been rushed to the emergency room in the past three months:

“Ridiculously unsafe…”

“They were using instruments on patients that were not sterile.”

“It’s not washed down, it’s not cleaned off. It has bloody drainage on it.”

These descriptions certainly sound familiar.

Note also the lead anchor’s observation that “many people expect Planned Parenthood to be the best you can find in terms of cleanliness and reliability.”

That is, of course, what Planned Parenthood—the nation’s largest abortion chain—wants you to think, and it’s why they style themselves “America’s leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate.”

But “cleanliness and reliability” don’t square too well with being a “meat-market style of assembly-line abortions.”

Planned Parenthood Cannot Be Relied on to Police Itself

It’s significant that not one but two former nurses from the Wilmington Planned Parenthood have come forward and are speaking out—and on-camera, at that. Had they come forward anonymously, it would have been easy for Planned Parenthood and its apologists to dismiss them.

One can’t help but wonder if, like Abby Johnson, they’ll find themselves threatened by Planned Parenthood with lawsuits.

The news report also highlighted these findings:

In Delaware, abortion clinics are not subject to routine inspections. The state only steps in when they have a patient complaint. Planned Parenthood is essentially in charge of inspecting itself.

Take a look at that last sentence again and let it sink in:

“Planned Parenthood is essentially in charge of inspecting itself.”

This sounds a lot like the situation in Illinois—where the Pro-Life Action League is headquartered—and in many other states as well.

And as this news report demonstrates, it’s self-evidently outrageous.

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