Planned Parenthood Client Swerves at Teen after Monthly Protest in Aurora, IL

February monthly protest at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, ILA crowd of over 50 pro-lifers gathered on a cold, windy winter morning last Saturday to protest Planned Parenthood’s “Abortion Fortress” in Aurora, Illinois as they have every third Saturday for over five years now.

Among them was a group from Christian Liberty Academy (CLA) in nearby Arlington Heights, Illinois. The group of students has taken to coming out on third Saturdays to protest, pray and offer help to abortion-bound moms through sidewalk counseling.

Several of the young ladies from this group even spoke at the TeenSpeak teen pro-life conference earlier this month about their sidewalk counseling ministry. The talk was inspiring for many of the students present.

Planned Parenthood Customer Assaults Teenage Sidewalk Counselor

Shortly after the protest wrapped up, as the girls were still distributing literature near the Planned Parenthood, a client left Planned Parenthood’s lot and accelerated and swerved towards one of the girls, Hannah M., coming within a foot of hitting her. Fortunately Hannah was not hurt, but she was obviously scared and shaken as anyone would be when threatened with being hit by a speeding vehicle.

The car that nearly hit Hannah M.

The car that nearly hit Hannah M. as it exits Planned Parenthood’s parking lot.

Horrified, the group’s leader, CLA staffer David Bergquist, called the Aurora Police who responded promptly. Fortunately, Dave and the group had been trained in sidewalk counseling by the League and knew to be prepared with a camera and got a good picture of the car’s license plate as they sped away. With this photo, the police were able to locate the perpetrator’s address.

The responding officer went into Planned Parenthood and asked to see their security camera footage, but Planned Parenthood employees made excuses and told the officer that nobody was there who could show him the footage and that he would have to return on Tuesday to see it.

For all their claims to care about women, Planned Parenthood showed shockingly little concern with obtaining justice for Hannah.

The investigation is underway and Hannah and her family are pursuing every legal avenue available to make sure that the person who assaulted her are brought to justice so that sidewalk counselors nationwide can be kept safe from violent abortion supporters. We’ll keep you up to date as her case progresses.

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