Join Rick Santorum & Eric Scheidler on Pro-Life Webcast TONIGHT

It would be hard to overstate the importance of this year’s general election.

The sanctity of life, the integrity of marriage, and religious liberty itself all hang in the balance.

That means it has never been more urgent for faithful, pro-life Americans to take an active role in the electoral process.

But this year, with all that’s at stake, it’s not enough just to vote pro-life in November.

You’re invited to join Rick Santorum and other pro-life leaders — including Pro-Life Action League Executive Director Eric Scheidler — at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time tonight for a national “I Vote Pro-Life First” webcast.

On this special webcast, you will hear from national pro-life leaders about how you and every pro-lifer you know can get engaged and make a difference in this election.

You can register for the “I Vote Pro-Life First” webcast here.

Along with Rick Santorum and Eric Scheidler, other presenters will be:

  • Pro-Life blogger Jill Stanek
  • Live Action’s Lila Rose
  • Troy Newman of Operation Rescue
  • Rock for Life’s Erik Whittington

Hosting the call will be Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America.

This outstanding panel of presenters will equip you to mobilize every one of your pro-life friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to vote pro-life first.

Don’t miss it!  Register for the “I Vote Pro-Life First” webcast here.

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