Security Restored to League Websites

No VirusLast week hackers attacked the Pro-Life Action League website, as well as all the websites hosted by the League like the Generations for Life and Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally websites.

No strangers to hostile attacks, the League’s IT team set to work locating and eradicating the source of the problem over the weekend and restored security to the sites so we could get on with our pro-life mission.

The attack couldn’t have come at a worse time as thousands were trying to access information about Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally news and locations and Rally Captains were trying to access crucial resources for planning and promoting the effort.

But all is well now and the effort will carry on undaunted. If anyone you know was disquieted by anti-virus software warnings or other error messages, please let them know that the problem has been solved and the site is now secure. And say some prayers for the protection of the League’s work going forward.

This problem may have slowed us down, but it will not stop us. We will stand up for our cherished liberties and fight to protect every human life from the evil of abortion!

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