Paige Scarlett Joins the Pro-Life Action League Staff

Paige ScarlettThe Pro-Life Action League is pleased to announce that Paige Scarlett has joined our staff as Development Director.

Paige hails from the Toledo, Ohio area and grew up in a prolife home-schooling family. She served as development director for Foundation for Life and Toledo Right to Life before moving to Chicago.

Paige will explore new ways to increase the support and visibility of the Pro-Life Action League. She brings both expertise and creativity to her role.

Paige Named “Graduate of the Week”

As part of her ongoing education in the field ofdevelopment, Paige attended several classes at the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia, where she distinguished herself by being named “Graduate of the Week.”

Apparently she asked so many questions and participated in so many discussions that she attracted the attention of the administration. As “Graduate of the Week” she and the Pro-Life Action League were featured for a week on the Leadership Institute website.

In addition to her development duties, Paige joins other League staff praying and counseling at the nearby abortion facility every week and assists with special events, like the Face the Truth tours and the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rallies . Paige is a welcome addition to the Pro-Life Action League team.

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