Planned Parenthood Botches Two Abortions in One Weekend

Tonya Reaves

Tonya Reaves, victim of legal abortion

Illinois has a convoluted system of classifying abortion clinics. Some are listed as Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers (ASTC), others as Pregnancy Termination Specialty Centers (PTSC). Neither category includes Planned Parenthood’s clinics in Illinois. Planned Parenthood is never inspected because Illinois law does not require it.

Two incidents at Planned Parenthood clinics in Illinois this past weekend left one woman dead and one wounded highlighting the danger in giving Planned Parenthood a loophole in the system.

Abortion Gone Wrong Kills Mother and Baby

In Chicago, on Saturday, Tonya Reaves, a 24-year-old woman, underwent what has been reported as a dilation and evacuation abortion at Planned Parenthood’s 18 S. Michigan Avenue location. Ms. Reaves was transported, presumably by ambulance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where she later died from a perforated uterus and excessive bleeding.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois’ website advertises medical abortions at the 18 S. Michigan Avenue location, called the Loop Health Center, and states that “in-clinic abortions from 6 weeks to 17 weeks and 6 days are available at our Near North and Aurora health centers.”

It certainly sounds like the Loop Health Center does not normally perform surgical abortions, let alone a dilation and evacuation, which is a second trimester procedure, usually requiring two or three visits to the clinic.

The Cook County Medical Examiner has ruled Reaves’ death as an accident. But we would urge her family, which includes her twin sister, Toni, to delve further into the circumstances of Tonya’s death.

Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics should be inspected and regulated like every other ambulatory surgical center. Planned Parenthood enjoys an undeserved respectable reputation and should be exposed as the baby-killing business it really is.

Tonya Reaves deserves a thorough investigation into her death. Planned Parenthood should not be allowed to slip through the cracks of Illinois’ peculiar non-regulation of abortion. We hope this young woman’s death serves as a wake-up call to Illinois legislators to close up the loopholes and consider women’s safety as a priority rather than the protection of the abortion industry.

Ambulance Called to Aurora, IL PP

Ambulance at PP

Emergency vehicles respond to a 911 call at PP in Aurora, IL [Photo by Margo Cupps]

Earlier the same day, as several pro-lifers prayed outside the Aurora Planned Parenthood fortress, an ambulance arrived at the abortion facility.

No one was removed from the clinic or transported in the ambulance. But given that it was a Saturday morning, PP’s busiest abortion time, and they felt something was wrong enough to call for an ambulance, it seems most likely that something went awry with an abortion.

We thank God there was no need to transport the victim to the hospital and we are submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to learn the reason for the ambulance call.

Planned Parenthood Needs to Take Responsibility

If one thing is certain, however, it’s that Planned Parenthood hurts women and they don’t even have the decency to be honest about it. Planned Parenthood of Illinois CEO Carole Brite had this to say in an interview with CBS News:

We were shocked and saddened upon learning of a tragic development at a nearby hospital. Our hearts go out to the loved ones of this patient.

That’s right, Planned Parenthood had the audacity to act as if her death had nothing to do with the abortion at their clinic that caused her hemorrhage! That kind of hubris is what we’ve come to expect from Planned Parenthood, but it is unacceptable.

Spread the word about these and other abortion mishaps so women will know that an abortion clinic is not a safe place and Planned Parenthood will not be there for you should something go wrong.

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