How a Sign Saved a Life

Free help signSometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference.

In the summer of 2010, the Pro-Life Action League helped get a fledgling pro-life group off the ground called Northwest Families for Life in the suburbs of Chicago.

Part of our help was designing signs (pictured right) directing abortion-bound moms to the Women’s Center, a local pregnancy resource center.

Sidewalk counselors stake the signs in the parkway outside the abortion mills so that even if they can’t talk to the patrons, they will know that help is available.

Just the other day, one of these simple signs saved a life. Maria, one of the group’s founding members, tells the story:

Laura saw a woman come out of Forest View who had not yet had an abortion, just a pregnancy test. Laura watched as she sat in her car staring hopelessly at the signs by our vigil.

As the woman went to leave, Laura approached her car and found out that the baby was not seen as “good news” for this woman and would be a financial strain. However, she looked at Laura with hope in her eyes as she asked about the signs stating that “Free help” is available.

Laura sent her to the Women’s Center where she now has a new lease on Life.

If not for those signs, who knows where this desperate woman would be now? And only God knows how many more women have seen these signs and sought help instead of giving in to despair.

Thank God for the good people at Northwest Families for Life. Never underestimate the good one person can do.

If you’d like help getting signs like these for your own pro-life work, contact the Pro-Life Action League.

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