New Planned Parenthood Logo Signals Renewed Need for Activism

New Planned Parenthood Logo: New logo, same businessOn Election Night, after watching President Obama claim victory, I was browsing Facebook to gauge reactions when I saw Planned Parenthood’s page.

Alongside a graphic praising Obama’s victory, I saw a new Planned Parenthood logo. This was pretty surprising since they’ve had the same logo for as long as anyone I’ve spoken to can remember.

I was pretty taken aback by the brazen nature of the new slogan: “Care. No Matter What.” Every pro-lifer I’ve talked to has had the same reaction, “Sure. Unless you live in your mother’s womb!” But it’s hardly surprising given Planned Parenthood’s record of blatant disregard for the truth.

For a major player like Planned Parenthood to undertake a major re-branding signals something serious. In this case, it’s obvious what that message is.

Obama’s Devotion Spells Success for Planned Parenthood

Despite what his re-election might say, President Obama kept his promises to nobody except one group: the abortion industry. For them he fought tooth and nail. When we faced a budget crisis, he was ready to shut down the government before cutting funding to Planned Parenthood.

The president even cut multiple public service announcements telling the country how wonderful Planned Parenthood is.

So what was the message of their re-branding? Victory for Planned Parenthood. They’re preparing for their day in the sun.

For a moment, they teetered on the edge of losing the favor—and the funding—of the American people. But that danger has now passed. This is Planned Parenthood’s moment.

By the end of the next four years, they may be so deeply entrenched in the government through the new healthcare regulations and the additional funding they will doubtless receive through various state and federal channels, it may not be possible to get them out again.

What’s the Pro-Life Movement’s Next Move?

Barring some drastic change in the Congress, de-funding Planned Parenthood is likely a dead letter for the time being, which means it’s time to put the focus back to where we can be effective no matter who’s in charge: boots on the ground activism. And what does that look like?

  • That looks like standing in prayer in front of your local abortion clinic. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard from women who didn’t go through with their abortions because one person was standing outside praying.
  • That looks like sidewalk counseling. There’s no more direct way to save a life than standing on the front lines and offering help to abortion-bound moms. The Pro-Life Action League is here to help with resources and training. See our online store for resources and contact us to see about setting up a training session.
  • That looks like picketing and protesting and making sure your community knows that your local abortuary isn’t merely a medical office, but that babies are dying there.
  • That looks like getting your church, your school, your friends, your club, whoever you can involved in the above activities.

These are things that anybody can do and these are the ways we will change hearts and minds on abortion in this country. Then the laws will follow.

So get your hands dirty, folks. Government’s not getting us out of this one. It’s time to hit the streets. If you’re not sure how to get started, e-mail us and we’ll hook you up with activists in your area or help you figure out how to get started on your own.

And take heart. We’ve known forever as people of faith that we can’t trust the government’s horses and chariots to do God’s work. Everyday people of faith doing the slow hard work is how God gets things done. We’re just lucky to be a part of it.

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