License Stripped from “Professionally Incompetent” Abortionist

At long last, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has ordered the revocation of abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus’ medical license.

Judge Ed Gaschler issued the order last week over Neuhaus’ referrals of 11 young patients, ages 10-18, to late-term abortionist George Tiller, ruling that their care was “seriously jeopardized” due to inadequate mental health examinations conducted by the “professionally incompetent” Neuhaus.

At the time all of these abortions were done in 2003, Kansas law required the opinion of a second physician consenting that the continuation of a pregnancy would cause a woman “substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function”.

Neuhaus signed off on abortions for all eleven girls on mental health grounds.

Diagnoses Made Weeks After Abortions Were Done

Judge Geschler’s initial order [PDF] notes the glaring problems with Neuhaus’ diagnoses:

In the patients’ records containing computer printout material from the Licensee [Neuhaus], there is nothing specific about the patients listed that was generated by the Licensee. The computer printouts do not contain any specific information about the functioning of any of the patients. The computer printouts merely reflect answers to specific “Yes” or “No” questions.

And, as Operation Rescue points out, dates on the computer printouts indicate that these “dubious diagnoses” — to say the least — were made “days or weeks after the abortions were begun.”

No Psychiatric Referrals for Suicidal Girls

What’s more, the initial order states:

It must be noted that in each of the 11 cases above the Licensee diagnosed each patient as having a major mental illness. In some cases, the patients were, according to the Licensee’s diagnosis, suicidal. Yet, in not one single case did the Licensee make any recommendations that the patient be seen by a psychiatrist, a psychologist, or any other type of mental health worker. The Licensee simply referred each patient for a pregnancy termination.

The abortion industry claims to be all about helping and protecting women.

If that were true, then the major pro-choice organizations would have tripped over each other in racing to put out a press release praising Judge Geschler’s decision to revoke the license of a self-evidently incompetent and dangerous quack like Neuhaus.

But of course, what the abortion industry cares most about is protecting the abortion industry. And so the major players in in their corner: Planned Parenthood, NOW, NARAL, the Feminist Majority Foundation, et al., haven’t said boo about Neuhaus since the revocation of her license was made public.

Imagine that.

Pro-Choice PAC Blames Neuhaus’ Troubles on “Political Agenda”

But not everyone in the “pro-choice” camp can resist the urge to, in utterly predictable fashion, blame the whole thing on pro-lifers.

Julie Burkhart of the ironically named Trust Women PAC is quoted by CBS News as saying:

There’s a political agenda here, and it seems that Dr. Neuhaus is the one who can be brought before the board and punished. The agenda is to discredit her.

Rubber-stamping abortions for suicidal girls and never recommending that they get treatment?

Anyone who does that rightly deserves to be discredited.

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