Promoting Contraception Reduces Abortion, Right? Wrong.

QuicktakeThe ever insightful Dr. Michael New made some interesting observations recently in response to Slate‘s William Saletan, who continues to beat the drum for the idea that increased funding for contraception programs will surely reduce abortion rates.

Saletan’s approach is, of course, wholly unoriginal, and has proven repeatedly to be an abject failure.

Dr. New writes:

Interestingly, if one examines Planned Parenthood’s annual reports dating back until the year 2002, there is a consistent increase in both the number of individuals receiving contraceptives from Planned Parenthood and the number of abortions they have performed. This is probably not a coincidence. All contraceptive measures have a failure rate. As such, by giving out more and more contraceptives, Planned Parenthood has successfully created an ever growing clientele for its most lucrative service — providing abortions.

Read the whole thing here.

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