Over 140 Cities Rally against Obama’s HHS Mandate

140 cities mapWhen we first announced that the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom would be held on Friday, March 23rd, 30 cities signed on immediately.

That number quickly grew to 60. Then 80.

Then it topped 100. Then it grew to 120, then earlier this week went up to 130, and now the number stands at over 140!

One of the newest sites, added just yesterday, is Boston, where a Rally will be held in Boston Common—the oldest park in the United States.

Earlier plans to hold a Rally there never materialized, so we were thrilled when a new Rally Captain stepped forward this week and volunteered to take on the significant legwork involved at this late day to make sure a Rally would be held in this historic American city.

Other Rally sites added just in the past few days include St. Louis, Missouri, Davenport, Iowa, Redding, California, and—wait for it—Las Vegas!

The complete list of Rally locations is here.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to be a part of history—tomorrow, Friday, March 23, at noon, at a city near you. Be there!

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