Waterleaf’s First “Ultrasound Save” Born Safe and Healthy

Baby saved from abortion by ultrasound I was thrilled to receive an e-mail from Waterleaf Women’s Center with the story of the first baby saved from abortion after the mother saw her baby on Waterleaf’s ultrasound machine! I’ll let Waterleaf tell the story for themselves:

We were thrilled to receive the following text message recently from one of our Waterleaf clients in the hospital delivery room… “Thank you for helping me not make a quick decision to abort. I can’t wait to hold my daughter in my arms.” Though all of our births are special, Baby “Anna” (who weighed in at a healthy 8 lbs 9 oz.) was our first baby saved from abortion through the power of ultrasound. Her mother, who was determined to visit Planned Parenthood for an abortion, could not overcome the emotions of seeing her baby girl on Waterleaf’s full-size TV monitor. Since our January medical clinic conversion, dozens of Waterleaf’s clients have experienced the powerful impact of ultrasound. Many were unprepared for the fact that their baby was a living, moving, human being with a heartbeat and fingers and toes! Thanks to your prayers and financial support, we continue to witness the power of ultrasound and God’s grace daily. May God bless each of you for sharing in our lifesaving ministry. In faith, The Waterleaf team

Such great news! Learn more about Waterleaf and contribute to their work at their website.

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