What’s Steve Trombley Doing in Washington, D.C.?

Steve Trombley at pro-abortion rallyWhile reading Jill Stanek’s piece on the lowly turnout for the pro-abortion “lobbying day” in Washington D.C., I noticed in one of the photos none other than Steve Trombley, former CEO of Planned Parenthood of Illinois.

As you may recall, Trombley was moved last year to Planned Parenthood’s affiliate in Northern New England, based in abortion-friendly Vermont, where he could do less harm to their “brand” (as national CEO Cecile Richards puts it).

Planned Parenthood’s Woes Began with Trombley

Trombley presided over the failed deception scheme whereby Planned Parenthood opened their first mega-abortuary in Aurora, Illinois, under the name of a front company.

Planned Parenthood’s public-image woes, which have ramped up considerably in the past six months, could be said to have begun right there in Aurora. Things got so bad the Trombley resorted to libeling the League in the press, in an attempt to draw attention away from his misdeeds.

Planned Parenthood Desperate for Grassroots

Curious to see Trombley there in D.C., all the way down from Vermont. Shows how desperate the abortion lobby has become in their effort to make it look like they’ve got any grassroots support.

It’s not unusual to see Planned Parenthood empty their local offices for events like this, but I’ve never seen them ship in the brass from several states away to pad the crowd!

It looks like they couldn’t even pay fake activists—they actually had to empty out their offices as far away as Vermont just to get a couple hundred bodies out there!

I’ll say it again: pro-life OWNS the grassroots!

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