Supporters of NARAL’s Failed Petition

Check out the date on this upload: May 26. This was long after pro-lifers took over NARAL’s Flickr site.

I’ve been posting lately about NARAL’s failed “photo petition.”

There’s another aspect that I haven’t gotten a chance to write about yet: The people who support NARAL.

NARAL Deletes Everything in Sight

People could submit their own subject line and some, perhaps inadvertently , included their work information (a few also included their phone numbers and addresses!).

Given how pro-life posts swamped those of pro-aborts, I was surprised to find a couple of genuine, but late, posts among the crowd. But there they were, and proudly proclaiming their business information as well.

Lisa Roberts, MHS in charge of Public Relations at Executive Reporting Service got deleted too. Poor Lisa.

Apparently in their haste to destroy the remains of last night’s onslaught, NARAL has deleted the wheat along with the chaff. Mully’s advertisement (see screen shot, above), posted among zillions of pro-life posts, appears to be no more.

Nothing posted on May 26 exists anymore. As I write this, some poor NARAL intern is panting, grateful to have finally finished deleting hundreds of pages of pro-life photos. Their site reached a maximum of 2,203 pages and is back to 180-some pages.

“Reverend” Boony survived the cut. Considering he was surrounded by pro-life posts, he’s lucky to still be featured. (By the way, pray for Boony, reading this post from Mother’s Day grieves my heart.)

NARAL Supporters Share Their Occupations with the World

Obviously some of these people aren’t managers/owners at their companies, so we can’t hold it against their whole business.

But some of the businesses are clearly owned by the photo poster, so I urge you to boycott these companies if you do happen to be doing business with them:

Then there’s this one from “Evergreen”, which only becomes mind-boggling when you look at the links she posts with it. On her blog she writes that she “developed what has become known as The Pink Kit Method For Birthing Better with hundreds of expectant fathers and mothers-to-be who just wanted a set of practical coaching and birth skills for whatever birth they encountered.” Please explain how this is consistent with the support of NARAL!

And there are dentists, nurses, and various medical workers who I wouldn’t want to be caring for me!

Don’t miss the series of pictures taken in the offices of Adams, Hussey, & Associates (a few of the shots list the name of the firm). Take a close look at the carpet from the snapshot on their homepage–you’ll see it again. In fact you’ll see the same sign and the same ugly carpet over, and over, and over, and over… You get the point. Same sign, same carpet, same firm over and over.

(Dis)Honorable Mentions

Also amusing are the backwards signs, apparently a result of a web-cam thinking it’s smarter than a person and inverting the photo.

This one looks like a mirror inverted it. This upside-down one is just human error.

There are the adorable little girls and other kids who were lucky enough to survive their parents’ “choices;” not to mention the kids who don’t want their pictures taken.

There are grandparents who don’t think their kids are smart enough to be parents to multiple children.

And yuppies who brag about having pets instead of kids.

There are angry looking men. This guy with his shirt off was one of the most mocked by pro-lifers.

There’s a disembodied woman and a headless office worker.

And one who didn’t realize it was NARAL he was supposed to be supporting!

Wow–quite a crop of supporters NARAL has, don’t you think?

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