FBI Arrests Pro-Abortion Terrorist

QuicktakeThe FBI arrested 49-year old Theodore Shulman yesterday in New York City on charges of communicating interstate threats against two as yet unnamed pro-life leaders. He is currently being held without bond at the city’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, a Federal holding facility.

Among the pro-lifers who have been the subject of Shulman’s threats is Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger, whom he repeatedly harassed by calling her cell phone “too many times to count.” What’s more, Sullenger reports, “He was always brazen in his threats and openly identified himself, telling us not to bother calling the FBI because they would never do anything for us.”

Shulman has posted several comments on the website of the Pro-Life Action League’s youth outreach, Generations for Life, since June 2009, and posted a threatening comment on GFL’s site in May 2010, which I reported to Jill Stanek, as I was aware that she had already been in contact with the FBI for some time regarding numerous other threatening comments he had either posted or attempted to post on her site and other pro-life sites.

Stanek also reports that Shulman is the son of Alix Kates Shulman, who wrote the feminist novel Memoirs of Ex-Prom Queen in 1969, and who has spoken publicly about having four abortions (apparently two before Theodore and two after).

There are more details here.

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