Planned Parenthood on the Ropes, Pulls Out All the Stops

The Nation's website shilling for Planned ParenthoodWith the threat of losing their Title X funding and all Federal funding for abortion, Planned Parenthood is on the ropes right now, and it shows. Their e-mail messages to their supporters have taken on a desperate tone. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards referred to this as “The most dangerous attack on women’s health—EVER.”

They’ve even called in favors from every one of their cronies they can. For example, The Nation, a notoriously liberal magazine and website, has turned its entire website into a Planned Parenthood ad encouraging people to call Congress and beg them not to cut their funding. You can see a screenshot of the current look of their site above.

They even got the folks at MoveOn.org to make a special ad exhorting Congress not to send us back to the days of the coat hanger and back alley abortions. Check that ad out after the jump:

But wait! We just uncovered a slew of hack abortionists killing women and babies in disgusting conditions. This is happening now, in Planned Parenthood’s golden age of legalized abortion.

In fact, news came out just today that two Pennsylvania state employees have been fired for failing to properly regulate Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors.”

The reason there is such a culture of negligence in abortion regulation is precisely because Planned Parenthood raises hell and throws their political weight around every time someone tries to put more restrictions on abortion. If Planned Parenthood was truly concerned about women’s health, they would support more strict regulation of abortion, not oppose it.

And there’s even evidence that coat hanger abortions are actually taking place today, albeit in small numbers. Why is that? Aren’t legalized abortion and the ubiquitous presence of Planned Parenthood across the country supposed to stop that?

The truth is that abortion is a shameful procedure. The back alley and the coat hanger have more to do with abortion itself than with its legal status. It seems such a horrific and barbaric procedure as abortion leaves a trail of gruesome stories in its path whether or not it’s legally sanctioned.

But these ads make clear that Planned Parenthood is in a defensive crouch, and that’s excellent news for the pro-life movement.

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