Planned Parenthood’s Guests Face the Truth about Abortion

Yesterday, Planned Parenthood of Illinois hosted a gala fundraising event at the Chicago History Museum with the outrageous theme, “Generations: A Celebration of Healthy Families.” The Pro-Life Action League was there to protest the event and share the truth that Planned Parenthood is—to say the least—unhealthy for American families.

Turnout was fantastic for an early evening protest like this, with 30 activists holding graphic abortion signs as well as picket signs reading Stop Abortion Now, Planned Parenthood Lies to You, Moms for Life and Dads for Life.

A threatened storm held off until a half hour after the protest, and Chicago police were cooperative as usual.

Activist from Pro-Life New Zealand Joins the Protest

Among the activists was Jill Stanek, the pro-life movement’s premier blogger and a great friend of the League, along with her guest Andy Moore, a young pro-life activist from New Zealand.

Thanks to the League protest, Planned Parenthood’s guests—including National Organization for Women attorney Fay Clayton, famous for losing the epic NOW v. Scheidler lawsuit in a unanimous 2006 ruling by the United States Supreme Court—had to face the truth about abortion as they entered.

Moreover, passersby learned about Planned Parenthood’s central role in the abortion business, as both the nation’s largest abortion chain and the major force opposing the kinds of common-sense abortion restrictions most Americans support.

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