Planned Parenthood’s “PeptoBus” Sparks Pro-Life Creativity

Planned Parenthood's Pepto Bus, Revised

PeptoBus closeup

Closeup of the numbers on Eric’s rendition of the PeptoBus

Right after Monday’s Expose Planned Parenthood rally outside Rep. Randy Hultgren’s office in Geneva, Illinois, I called my friend Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries to give him an update on the event. I knew Bryan was planning to be at the Toledo, Ohio stop the next morning.

While we were chatting, Bryan told me about some fun he and a couple other pro-life activists had been having photoshopping Planned Parenthood’s “PeptoBus.” The big, pink bus is plastered with declarations of the myriad services they provide—leaving out, of course, their huge role in the abortion business.

Bryan sent me a couple examples, which you can see on the Live Action blog, where pro-life blogger Tom Peters has launched a contest, “What should Planned Parenthood’s ‘PeptoBus’ really say?”

Pro-Life owns the Grassroots

I couldn’t resist coming up with my own version of the PeptoBus, inspired by the striking difference between Monday’s dueling rallies.

Planned Parenthood’s event just look so slick and “corporate” in comparison to the pro-life rally—all those monolithic pink signs. Many in the Planned Parenthood contingent were staffers from their Chicago and Aurora offices, rather than regular folks carving time out of their busy lives.

I came away from Monday’s rally with a renewed conviction that the pro-life side owns the grassroots. We’ve had to fight hard to end abortion these past 38 years and more, scraping our pennies together, while Planned Parenthood has comfortably relied on influence and wealth—including the $363 million they get from us taxpayers every year.

Thus my favorite of the modifications I made to the PeptoBus: “000,000 GRASSROOTS”. (Granted, that’s a bit of an exaggeration—Planned Parenthood does manage to bring out a few actual volunteers sometimes, but “outnumbered at the grassroots level by pro-lifers 100 to 1” just wouldn’t fit!)

So what do would you like to see on Planned Parenthood’s PeptoBus?

Credit for coining the term “PeptoBus” goes to Tom McClusky of the Family Research Council.

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