Father Frank Pavone Encourages League’s Face the Truth Tour

Note: Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life was kind enough to send along this letter [PDF] providing support and encouragement for the League and its volunteers on the 2011 Face the Truth Tour. Joe Scheidler read the letter aloud to volunteers at the close of the Tour.

Fr. Frank Pavone

July 16, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It’s a privilege to send to you today my joyful and prayerful greetings as you conclude the Face the Truth Tour. I would have gladly joined you in person, but have to get to Philadelphia to prepare for our training conference this week for Rachel’s Vineyard.

Let me offer you, however, this word of encouragement. There is no activity in the pro-life movement more important and effective than to stand on the streets of America and expose the graphic reality of abortion. Many activities communicate to people the conclusion that abortion kills children. What you have done during this tour, however, conveys to people the facts that compel that conclusion.

And never be worried about the criticisms you receive from human beings. Only fear the criticism of God that is reserved for those too cowardly to proclaim and face the truth.

As I always say, America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion. I thank my long time friends and colleagues, the Scheidlers, for providing such outstanding leadership, and I thank all of you for doing what needs to be done. We will see the victory soon.

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

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