Palatine, Illinois Jaycees Reject Child in the Womb

Pro-life sign in PalatineThe Jaycees in Palatine, Illinois have told the Palatine Area Catholics Respect Life organization that they can’t carry their usual banner (pictured right) in the Fourth of July parade this year—because it has a picture of an unborn baby on it!

Despite the fact that the sign received applause and standing ovations along the parade route last year, the sign has been vetoed.

The pro-lifers were told they could replace the fetus with a picture of a pregnant woman, and march with the 80 other entries. But the group’s co-founder, Martin Kelley, refused the offer, saying it defeats their purpose. The Jaycees claim they made a mistake last year by allowing the picture to be used, but claim they didn’t see a clear image of it. The story is catching the media’s attention and was featured today on the Huffington Post.

Now that the Jaycees have taken a good look, they have determined that the picture “crosses a line.” You can call the Jaycees at 847-604-0288 and let them know that there’s nothing offensive about unborn babies, and the banner should be allowed in the parade.

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