Pro-Abortion Opposition to Face the Truth Tour at an All Time Low


Pro-abortion counter-protesters in Naperville, IL [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

Whenever the League takes to the streets with pictures of aborted babies, we come prepared to deal with opposition from pro-abortion groups.

Our summer Face the Truth Tour is a prime target for such opposition since we’re in populous areas and we advertise our times and dates to the public well in advance.

But the 2011 Face the Truth Tour faced almost no opposition from pro-abortion forces whatsoever, and we were able to quickly scuttle what little opposition did show up. Read past the break to find out how!

NOW Brings Four Protesters to Naperville

For example, in Naperville, Illinois, four protesters from the local National Organization for Women (NOW) chapter protested our second site on July 9.

In typical NOW form, they brought their Keep Abortion Legal signs along with t-shirts detailing why they were proud to be feminists.

Counter-protestersAs if our outnumbering them 11 to 1 at that site didn’t marginalize their presence enough, we countered their Keep Abortion Legal with our own signs on the same design reading Keep MURDER Legal.

Using a subtle sign like Keep MURDER Legal throws just enough confusion and disarray into their protest to neutralize their presence and make sure our message still comes through clearly.

In like manner, our most populated site in Lake Zurich, Illinois on July 14 drew 3 counter-protesters who’s message, scrawled as it was on hand-written signs, went largely unnoticed.

Gender Confusion on the South Side of Chicago

On the south side of Chicago on July 15, a small group of counter-protesters came out at the last site. They had five or six in their number as well as a bullhorn.


Pro-abortion counter-protesters in Chicago [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

The comical thing about this group was that their male leader had absolutely no problems leading chants obviously intended for women. He boomed out “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries” as if he had ovaries himself.

Likewise he led the group in screaming, “My body, my choice!” and “When you get pregnant let us know, Pro-life men have got to go!” I tried to ask the young man why he was entitled to have a voice on the abortion issue since he, like me, couldn’t get pregnant. Unfortunately he, and all his comrades, resisted any attempts to dialog.

In the end, we flanked the counter-protesters on either side with 3rd trimester abortion signs and eventually they got tired out and packed up early.

Lincolnwood Sees Peaceful Coexistence in Exercise of Free Speech

It was a huge surprise on the last day that no counter-protesters came out in Evanston, Illinois, a strongly liberal community and home to Northwestern University. It seems that every year we were greeted by some pro-abortion college students at that site, but none were in evidence this year.


Cathy Meiding and a counter-protester [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

At the last site of the Tour in Lincolnwood, Illinois, police stopped and talked to League volunteer Cathy Mieding and the lone counter-protester who came out. After getting an idea of what was going on, the officer looked at Cathy and said, “You mad at him?” “No,” Cathy said. To the counter-protester the officer asked, “You mad at her?” “No,” the protester answered. Cathy reached over and hugged the young man to show her sincerity.

With an admonishment to avoid going in the street unnecessarily, the officer drove off and kept a low profile for the remainder of the site.

The lack of opposition on this year’s Tour, and the peacefulness of the opposition that did show up shows that the truth witnessed in graphic abortion pictures is getting into the public consciousness. We at the League will keep putting the truth on display in the public square until abortion becomes unthinkable in our country.

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