National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week: April 12-18

National Pro-Life T-Shirt WeekEight years ago, our friends at Rock for Life came up with a simple idea: they asked pro-lifers of all ages to wear a Pro-Life T-Shirt for one day in April. They called it “National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day”. Since then, the Day has gotten bigger and bigger each year. In fact, it’s so big that National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day has now become National Pro-Life T-Shirt WEEK! The great thing about wearing a pro-life T-shirt at your school, at work, or wherever, is that it gets people talking about the humanity of the unborn child and the violence of abortion — which a lot of people never think about. Imagine how many people’s minds can be changed — and babies’ lives can be saved — when we give this witness for 7 straight days from April 12th through 18th! There’s more information here. To participate, you can wear one of the official NPLTW shirts (available through the link above), or any other pro-life shirt, such as the “In His Eyes It’s a Life” winning design from the Pro-Life T-Shirt Workshop at our TeenSpeak conference last year. I hope you’ll join me in participating in National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week. Just by wearing a pro-life T-shirt and being out there in public, you’ll be helping to build a Culture of Life!

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