Pro-Life Activists Push for Mobile Ultrasound Permit

Libelous signs placed by Rockford abortion facility staff to scare women away from pro-life mobile ultrasound
Libelous signs placed by Rockford abortion facility staff to scare women away from pro-life mobile ultrasound

Due to the presence of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center — a particularly bizarre and macabre place, even by abortion facility standards — the city of Rockford, Illinois is unquestionably one of the nation’s abortion hot spots.

Outside NIWC, an indomitable group of pro-life activists have had numerous run-ins with police in recent years over their First Amendment rights to protest and sidewalk counsel — and, more recently, their efforts to park a mobile ultrasound unit on the public street in front of the deplorable facility, whose window displays include a rubber chicken attached to a Crucifix and a poster showing Jesus giving the middle finger, along with the inscription “Even Jesus Hates You.”

Yet despite strident opposition from some of the city’s powers that be, the Rockford pro-life community is continuing its push to get a permit for the mobile ultrasound unit. An entry posted this week on the Pro-Life Corner blog begins:

On a day that saw four murders in Rockford, the City Council spent most of its time trying to figure out if they will or will not grant a permit for a free ultrasound to offer life to the people of this city. This free ultrasound has already saved five lives. When a city’s aldermen are so confused by a simple permit request that they can’t come to a decision, it’s no wonder that killings are taking place in our streets, and babies are killed in a run-down abortion mill filled with signs of bigotry and hatred toward God, women, and children.

Alderman Karen Elyea who has been [NIWC owner] Wayne Webster’s mouthpiece on the City Council was so incompetent at this meeting that she offered a motion not to take any action on the permit which, if passed, would have allowed the city to freely grant the permit at will.

When Alderman Elyea’s motion was explained to her, with a rather quizzical look on her face, she withdrew her own motion.

Yesterday, Pro-Life Corner noted that the City of Rockford has granted a one-day permit to allow the mobile ultrasound to be parked outside NIWC on Good Friday.

Then, on Monday, April 25, the Rockford City Council will decide whether or not to grant the unit a 6-month permit.

Needless to say, the good people of Rockford ask for your prayers that their elected officials will vote on the side of life and justice.

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