Abortionist Arrested for Medicaid Fraud

It’s been said that if someone commits murder, it could very well lead to theft, breaking and entering, cheating at cards, and even fibbing.

So it should come as no surprise when we see stories like this one about Atlanta abortionist Tyrone Malloy:

A metro Atlanta physician and his former office manager have been charged with Medicaid fraud after they billed the government nearly $400,000 for abortion services – which are barred from federal funding – and for ultrasounds not performed, authorities said. …

According to the indictment, between Dec. 9, 2007 and Aug. 9, 2010, the defendants billed the Georgia Medicaid program approximately $131,615 for new patient visits when, in reality, the visits were for elective abortions.

The Georgia Medicaid program is funded jointly by the state and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Under federal law known as the Hyde Amendment, federal funds cannot be used for elective abortion services; nor are abortions covered by Georgia Medicaid, the indictment states.

Malloy and Warner also are charged in the indictment with billing Georgia Medicaid about $255,024 for detailed ultrasounds that actually were never performed during the same period from 2007 through 2010.

Kudos go to the whistleblower in this case: an unnamed state worker in the Department of Community Health—which administers Medicaid funds—who reported the fraud to the state Attorney General’s office.

I’d have to think this is not an isolated case. How many other abortionists are gorging themselves at the public trough, but just haven’t gotten caught yet?

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