Latest Edition of “Sharing the Pro-Life Message” Now Available

Pro-Life Handbook

Since the League’s Sharing the Pro-Life Message handbook was released two years ago, we’ve been thrilled at how well it’s been received by the pro-life movement.

We debuted it at the 2009 March for Life, and it’s been in great demand ever since.  Our first print run of 10,000 copies went like hotcakes, and was exhausted in just over a month!  We did another print run that year, which brought us up to 40,000 copies in print.  Our third print run was in early 2010, which brought us up to 60,000 copies in print.

A couple months ago, just after New Year’s, we saw that orders kept coming in and showed no signs of stopping, and we realized our stock was about to dry up.  So we set to work making revisions to make sure the latest edition would contain the most current information — updating statistics (especially in the “About Abortion” and “Planned Parenthood” sections), making sure the online sources cited are still live, tweaking selected responses, etc.

We then got in touch with Michelle Dellinger, the graphic artist who designed the original version of the Sharing the Pro-Life Message in 2009, and worked with her to make all the necessary revisions, and then sent them off to be printed.

Today, our printer sent over the very first copies of the 2011 edition. I just paged through it, and I’m happy to say it looks great!

I invite you to order one today for only $2.

A Powerful Pro-Life Tool

For me personally, this revision project has been a labor of love, mostly because I know how valuable this handbook has been to so many pro-lifers who want to better communicate the facts, figures, and reasoned arguments about abortion to friends, family members, or even complete strangers.

Here are just some of the testimonials we’ve received about Sharing the Pro-Life Message:

“I’m proud to say that I got one of the very first copies of Sharing the Pro-Life Message, and I think it’s one of the most useful pro-life tools I’ve seen. I recommend that every pro-lifer keep one handy for that inevitable situation when you get the chance to share the truth about abortion and win another soul for the culture of life.” —Father Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

Sharing the Pro-Life Message is a great book to read and very informative. It’s great to have in your purse and for home.” —Norma McCorvey (“Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade)

“Knowledge is power, and this new handbook is one of the best tools I have ever seen to empower pro-lifers with the information they need to build a culture of life, one heart and one mind at a time. All who care about unborn babies and their mothers—including the tens of thousands participating in 40 Days for Life vigils all across the country—need to get a copy of Sharing the Pro-Life Message today so they can devour this vital knowledge, put it into action, and share this handbook with everyone they know.” —David Bereit, 40 Days for Life

“I am extremely excited about the new Pro-life Handbook, what an amazing tool. I always stress to people the importance of being educated and prepared to defend the pro-life message intelligently. This new handbook is a God send and a must have for both seasoned pro-lifers and new warriors in the fight for life. Two Thumbs Up.” —Bryan Kemper, Stand True Ministries

“This little handbook can make a HUGE impact when it’s in the hands of a college student. I give them to all my student leaders so they are prepared to engage the campus culture.” —John-Paul Deddens, Students for Life of Illinois

“I showed [the handbook] to four people in here. Out of those four (who were all firmly pro-abortion), three of them changed beliefs outright and the fourth was clearly shaken.” —David, currently incarcerated in a Texas prison

“Today was the first day I brought it to school. One of my pro-choice friends picked it up and read almost the whole thing throughout the entire class period. She said she couldn’t put it down. And she sees why I feel so strongly. The pictures are what got to her most and the description of how each is performed. I’m hoping the more she reads it the more she sways over to be Pro-Life.” —Samantha, a high school student in Michigan

You can order your copy of Sharing the Pro-Life Message today in the League’s Activism Store.  And while you’re there, pick up an extra copy to give to a pro-life friend!

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