Abortionist Commits Atrocities, Planned Parenthood Complains About Their Funding

Kermit Gosnell

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell

Though it has been extremely rare, whenever someone commited an act of violence in the name of the pro-life cause, leaders of every national pro-life organization quickly denounced it. Why? Because we do not support the use of violence to fight abortion and it’s crucial that we make that clear to the public.

But no matter how quickly or clearly we denounce acts of violence, Planned Parenthood and their cronies in the abortion industry insist that our denunciations are not strong enough or quick enough. What’s worse, they often insist that no matter how much we denounce violence, we’re still responsible since we publicly oppose abortion and call it what it is: the taking of an innocent human life.

But what happens when the roles are reversed? Since Wednesday, the case of Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist charged with eight counts of murder, has been all over the news. And what has Planned Parenthood had to say about the matter? Precisely nothing. Keep reading to find out what they are talking about.

Why Won’t Planned Parenthood Speak Up?

The story has only become more and more grisly as details emerge. Gosnell abused women and forced them to have abortions against their will. He delivered viable babies alive and severed their spinal cords, sometimes after leaving them alive for significant periods of time. Read more details in the Philadelphia Daily News. All this in the name of “choice.”

So where is Planned Parenthood to denounce this violence? Where is Planned Parenthood to say that they do not support this kind of atrocity? Where is Planned Parenthood calling for the harshest penalties to be imposed on Gosnell?

They’re nowhere to be found. Why not? Because this is the true face of abortion. These stories are shocking, but hardly surprising to anyone who’s read the true stories from the League’s Meet the Abortion Providers conferences.

The abortion industry has been riddled through with violence, greed and the lust for power since its inception. For Planned Parenthood to say anything at all about this situation can only put the focus on their own crimes.

If they were to denounce his crimes, someone might remember how Lila Rose exposed Planned Parenthood’s protection of statutory rapists in her Mona Lisa project. They might remember Planned Parenthood’s acceptance of racist donations specifically to kill black babies. They might remember that Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs promote pornography and lewd sexual behavior to pre-school aged children.

But more important than all that, if Planned Parenthood denounces Gosnell, people might remember that, although he did it in a more barbaric way, Planned Parenthood itself is the number one provider in the country of the exact same thing: killing children.

The reality of abortion is kryptonite to Planned Parenthood. It reveals them for the ugly, evil organization that it is. So it’s in their best interests to never call attention to it.

So What is Planned Parenthood Talking About?

Planned Parenthood logo with dollar signBut Planned Parenthood did put out a press release yesterday. What was it about? The only thing they really care about: their bottom line. The press release was about their fears of their funding being cut in congress.

That’s right, women and babies are dying at the hands of one of their colleagues in the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood is moaning about their funding.

The fact is that they already have a budget that tops $1 billion and the fact that they receive over $350,000,000 a year in taxpayer money. Their coffers are full to overflowing. Their complaining about funding at the best of times is a joke. But what in the world makes them think that now is the time to be playing pauper?

So enough of the double standard. Planned Parenthood, if you truly support women’s rights and oppose violence in the abortion debate, man up and denounce this man and his monstrous deeds. Your silence on this subject is deafening and it reveals your true priorities.

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