Face the Truth Tour 2011 Changes Hearts and Minds on Abortion

Face the Truth on Daley Plaza

Face the Truth Tour on Daley Plaza, downtown Chicago [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

The Pro-Life Action League’s 2011 “Face the Truth” Tour was a huge success, changing hearts and minds on abortion across the Chicagoland area.

The Tour kicked off on Friday, July 8 and visited 9 sites in Chicago and 14 cities across the suburbs with graphic photos of abortion to show the public the true face of our country’s greatest moral atrocity.

The most striking aspect of this year’s Tour was that it ran like buttered clockwork. There were literally no significant problems from passersby, police or our opposition. Two sites had to be changed last minute due to construction, but even there, people found the new sites and turnout was great.

Police in every municipality we visited were friendly and helpful—at some sites they didn’t even show up! Only 2 sites saw counter-protesters (and those a paltry handful) and feedback from passersby was overwhelmingly positive.

Baby Saved from Abortion by Face the Truth Tour

The rest of the League’s staff and I will be sharing more stories of the Tour throughout the coming days, but there was one story that just couldn’t wait to be told.

Cathy Mieding distributes pro-life literature

Cathy Mieding distributes literature outside Union Station [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

On Monday, July 12, the Tour stopped at Daley Plaza, a Chicago landmark. While holding signs along the plaza’s perimeter, a young couple stopped and took a brochure from veteran sidewalk counselor Cathy Mieding.

After seeing the pictures and reading the brochure’s explanation of what abortion is, they came over and spoke to Cathy and told her they were 8 weeks pregnant and considering abortion. They spoke with Cathy for a few minutes before deciding to keep their baby. Cathy pointed them to a pregnancy resource center to provide them with the help they needed.

And that’s just the saved baby we heard about! There’s no telling how many women made the same decision but didn’t stop to talk about it.

We here at the League are so grateful to the many volunteers who gave up their time to help make the Tour a success and we can’t wait to share more exciting stories from last week’s whirlwind of pro-life activism. Until then, check out the news coverage and photos linked below.

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