Exciting New Video Shows “Face the Truth” in Action

With our summer “Face the Truth” Tour hitting the streets July 8-16, the Pro-Life Action League is proud to present an exciting new video explaining the Face the Truth approach to pro-life activism and why we believe it’s one of the most important tools in fighting abortion. Check it out:

The video was shot on last year’s Face the Truth Tour by the crack team over at Spirit Juice Studios and really captures the League’s unique approach to the tactic in a punchy 2 and a half minute package.

This video is a great way to show your friends or family who might be unsure about joining in pro-life activism that it’s necessary for our culture to see the reality of abortion. It also shows that regular people from all walks of life take part and that it’s safe and effective.

Share this video and the Face the Truth Tour itinerary with your friends and on all your social networks today. Let’s get people fired up about sharing the pro-life message with Face the Truth!

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