Face the Truth Tour Comes to Cincinnati

Cincinnatti—The Ohio health department refuses to face the truth when it comes to controlling abortion facilities. The health department has renewed an arrangement that allows late-term abortion practitioner Martin Haskell to continue doing abortions without complying with all state laws. But this Saturday, the Pro-Life Action League will speak for those who are given no voice at Haskell’s clinic and others, as the Face the Truth Tour brings the ugly truth to Ohio’s third largest city. 

On October 8, pro-life witnesses will line the roads at selected locations in Cincinnati, holding pictures of beautiful preborn babies juxtaposed with huge graphic photographs of aborted babies. The dramatic display will visually expose the tragedy of their tiny broken bodies—an ugly truth that Americans must not ignore.

This controversial tactic always generates some level of offended opposition, but it is without doubt an honest one. “It’s not pretty,” agrees one supporter of the Pro-Life Action League, the organization coordinating the tour. The Face the Truth tour allows people to confront the horrible injustice of abortion—and when they do, they are more likely to do something to try and prevent that injustice. 

Eric Scheidler, director of the Pro-Life Action League, which has coordinated Truth Tours for eleven years, has seen these Tours generate immediate positive results. “Again and again, women have stopped to thank us,” he explained. “Women who were considering abortion or even scheduled to have abortions had a change of heart when they saw our pictures.” And that’s why the Pro-Life Action League will continue to organize this important public education campaign. 

Participants in Cincinnati’s Face the Truth Tour will begin sharing their life-saving message at 9 a.m. along Boudinot and Glenway Avenues. At 11:30 a.m., Face the Truth will line the streets at Galbraith and Kenwood Roads in Kenwood, bringing drivers a dose of graphic reality. At 3 p.m., the Pro-Life Action League and friends will take the lifesaving message to the final location of the day, Colerain Avenue and Springdale Road in Northgate. Time and location details for the Cincinnati Face the Truth Tour are available here.

To learn more about the Face the Truth Tour and the life-affirming work of the Pro-Life Action League, view the two-minute video here.

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