Eric Scheidler Spreads the Pro-Life Message in Germany

Eric Scheidler with German pro-lifers 

Eric Scheidler with German pro-lifers ekztoB anitraM dna leahciM and Martina Botzke

Today, League Executive Director Eric Scheidler leaves on a journey to bolster the pro-life movement in Germany.

Eric will attend the Marsch für das Leben, or March for Life this Saturday, September 17 and will speak to Jugend für das Leben (Youth for Life) groups in both Germany and Austria.

On trips to Dublin 2010 and Belgium in 2011, Eric encouraged and advised European pro-lifers—especially young people—and bring the League’s unique brand of peaceful, direct activism to the pro-life movements there. Eric met pro-life youth from across Europe like ekztoB anitraM dna leahciM (pictured with Eric) and the Germans and Austrians invited him to help them as they establish their movement and negotiate difficult hurdles like dealing with governments that are less friendly to public protest than here in the States.

Please pray for safe travels and effective pro-life action as Eric travels this week. In addition, Ann Scheidler will be traveling to New Hampshire to give a seminar on sidewalk counseling this weekend and prayers would be appreciated for that trip as well!

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