NARAL’s Photo Dilemma: To Delete or Not to Delete 2,000 Pages

One of the submissions to NARAL's photo petition

Poor NARAL. They thought they had a great idea: Encourage supporters to directly upload photos of themselves as a “photo petition” to Congress. They were supposed to send the message to “end the war on women.”

As usual, the pro-aborts underestimated the number of pro-lifers who are out there and their determination to show the real war on women.

The 2,075 pages of photos they’ll have to delete this morning suggest they really underestimated the pro-life movement!

That’s right–You have to go all the way to page 2,075 to return to their “serious” sign collection!

(Notice the satrical photoshopped sign, top row center.)

Pro-Lifers Flood NARAL’s site

As pro-lifers began to get the message, it went viral. By Wednesday afternoon, numerous pro-lifers were uploading photos of unborn babies, aborted babies, cute kids, and satirical signs. A NARAL staffer spotted the entries and began deleting them.

Then she went home for the day.

By the time I went online at 9:00pm, the first 140 pages were filled with a mixture of pro-life photos and pro-abortion rantings.

Take these screen shots for example:

Pro-Abort Supporter Yells At NARAL

The series of about a dozen repeatedly posted pro-abortion responses all had the same look to them–large font, multiple colors, angry rhetoric. So from all appearances, one pro-abort was trying to counter the photos of dozens of pro-life posters.

As I scrolled through the pages, I came across one rant from that same pro-abort which made me laugh:

He continued his angry posts, but it was nice to see how he really felt about the situation.

I also think it’s worth pointing out that NARAL Pro-Choice America‘s #1 supporter last night apparently wasn’t American. Note the “u” in “favourite” in the screen shot (right).

Also amusingly, NARAL probably won’t appreciate his support and will have to delete hundreds of his angry postings in addition to the thousands from pro-lifers.

New Email Address Announced

Until 9:00am today (Thursday), anyone could send an email to their address and have it automatically posted. Around 9 o’clock, though, they realized this needed to be stopped.

The 2,075 pages of pro-life photos might have tipped them off.

At 18 pictures per page, that’s 37,000 uploads they’ll need to delete. They’ve started deleting them, but it’s slow work. They’ve deleted fewer than 200 pages of photos in the last two hours.

The new email address for submission is: CAN@prochoiceamerica.org

Now that they’re moderating them, I don’t think many pro-life photos will get through. But it was fun while it lasted!

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