Debate Roundup: Did Live Action Lie?

QuicktakeThe recent string of Planned Parenthood sting videos from Live Action has raised an interesting question among pro-lifers: Was it wrong for Live Action to pass themselves off as a prostitute and pimp to test how Planned Parenthood staff would deal with child sex traffickers?

University of South Carolina Philosophy professor Christopher Tollefsen says yes, they did. Loyola Marymount philosophy professor Christopher Kaczor says not so fast. Princeton law professor Robert George is on the fence but leans toward yes.

Theology professor and pro-life activist Dr. Monica Miller Miller—who worked with the League in the 1980s and 90s—defends Live Action in one of the most thorough and balanced commentaries on this question.

This question deserves reflection as we craft strategies for fighting the grave evil of abortion that are both effective and just.

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