March 8, 1994

Armitage Bapist ChurchToday in League HistoryMarch 8, 1994—A group of pro-abortion clinic escorts, including socialists, self-proclaimed witches and the Clinic Defense Coalition, descend on Armitage Baptist Church in Chicago (pictured left), in retaliation for the church’s persistent presence at American Women’s Medical Center abortuary. The “deathscorts,” who had been harassing pro-lifers at the abortion clinic on Chicago’s Northwest Side, announce they will next picket the home of League Directors Joe and Ann Scheidler. Reverend James Meeks brings a busload of people from his African-American congregation to support the church, befuddling the protestors, who begin to drift away. But the aggressiveness of the protest at Armitage leads Chicago police to assign extra officers to patrol the area around the Scheidler home and the Pro-Life Action League offices.

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