Scheidlers Join Huge Rally for Ohio Heartbeat Bill

Joe Scheidler speaks at Heartbeat bill rally

Joe Scheidler speaks at the Heartbeat Bill rally in Columbus, OH [Photo by Ann Scheidler]

I don’t know when, if ever, Ann and I have attended a more up-beat, exciting and colorful rally than the one held by Created Equal pro-lifers in the Ohio State Capitol last Tuesday, Sept. 20. The occasion was an all out effort to convince the State Senate to pass the Heartbeat Bill.

As law, it would make it illegal to perform an abortion after the heartbeat of an unborn baby is detected. The House passed the bill earlier by a margin of 54 to 43, and the Senate, made up of 33 members, could pass the bill with 17 votes.

The rally was to urge the crowd of more than four-hundred to encourage their senators to vote “yes” on HB 125. According to the experts, a heartbeat law could save 26,000 lives in Ohio each year.

To add to the excitement in the packed Capitol Atrium, Janet Folger Porter, F2A president, rally MC and long-time pro-life leader, said she had it on good authority that Governor John Kasich will sign the bill into law if it comes to his desk.

Janet set the tone of the rally by her own over-the-top enthusiasm and her obvious knowledge of the legislative process as well as her photographic memory of the names and positions of everyone in the Ohio legislature—and most of the people in the room.

The theme was hearts and the color was red. Everyone had been advised to wear red and they took the advice to heart. Most of the men wore red ties and heart pins, while the women speakers and most of the crowd wore red sweaters, red jackets, and Janet was dressed all in red. Ann wore a red sweater and Jill Stanek wore a red Face the Truth shirt.

There were hearts everywhere—in bunches of small hearts in white vases surrounding the speakers platform, heart-shaped red balloons floating overhead, red paper bags of information handed to those attending, and even trays of heart-shaped cookies sprinkled with red sugar.

Besides two dozen legislators who spoke about the Heartbeat Billl, guest speakers were Dr. Jack Willke of Ohio Right to Life, Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, Wendy Wright, former head of Concerned Women of America, Jill and me, and many, many others.

Some called this “the most important pro-life rally of our time.” The bill’s passage could save between 96 and 99 percent of babies slated for abortion in Ohio. And there are at least seventeen other states whose pro-lifers are watching this bill hoping it will pass so that they can introduce it to their own legislators.

Repeated many times throughout the day was the Ohio state motto: “With God, all things are possible.” That motto is at the heart of the Heartbeat Bill.

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