Action Alert: Call Your Representative This Week

Call CongressThe fight in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood is still raging, and it’s important that every pro-lifer take action this week to to keep the pressure on. The ins and outs of the situation are a bit complicated, so let me explain where we are.

Last week, the House of Representatives approved a second short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) bill that would keep the government running for three weeks by vote of 271-158. That gives us some good news and some bad news. Get both plus your Representative’s contact info after the break!

First, the bad news: the three-week CR did not include the Pence Amendment that would defund Planned Parenthood.

Now the good news: 158 members voted against the CR, with many pro-life Representatives voting against it because it failed to defund Planned Parenthood—an incredible testament to all the phone calls and e-mails pro-lifers like you have put in!

The buzz is that pro-life lawmakers are tired of short-term bills and are ready to fight hard for a long-term Continuing Resolution bill that completely defunds Planned Parenthood.

That means the next three weeks are the most critical yet in this fight and momentum is on our side! That’s why we need to turn up the heat right now! Here’s what you can do today to help:

Take Action Now

This week your Representative will be in their home District, which gives us the perfect chance to send the clear message that Planned Parenthood must be defunded.

Call your Representative at their district office right now and tell them that Defunding Planned Parenthood must be a non-negotiable in the Continuing Resolution.

Get your Rep’s contact information here.

Please make this important phone call right now, and send an e-mail too after you’ve made the call. Every call and every e-mail counts at this crucial moment.

We’ve come so far in this fight because of activists like you keeping the heat on Congress. The next three weeks will be the most critical yet, and we need all hands on deck!

Be sure to pass this on to all your pro-life friends and relatives too. And if your Rep voted against the Continuing Resolution, be sure to thank them for taking a stand for life. If they voted for it, respectfully encourage them to do the right thing on the next vote.

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