Protest of Aurora, IL “Abortion Fortress” Continues Into Fifth Year

Protest of Planned Parenthood Aurora, IL 

Picket outside Planned Parenthood in Aurora, IL [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

On Saturday, September 17, over 50 pro-lifers beat the pavement outside the “Abortion Fortress” of Aurora, Illinois just as they have every third Saturday since the facility opened in the fall of 2007.

With signs reading Moms for Life, Dads for Life, Planned Parenthood LIES to You and Planned Parenthood: BAD for Aurora the group witnessed to the community’s continuing resistance to the presence of the Midwest’s largest abortion mill in their town.

I’ve been a part of the League’s protest efforts at Planned Parenthood Aurora since the very beginning, and it’s been a great encouragement to get to know the area’s faithful activists. As I handed out signs on Saturday, I saw many of those who have been there since the beginning as well as some new faces.

Consistent Turnout Provides Lasting, Powerful Witness

I spoke to one long-time activist who reflected at how wonderful it was that we’ve had consistent turnout of between 50 and 100 pro-lifers at every protest for going on five years now. She remembered the old abortion mill on the other side of town, now closed, that would get a dozen protesters on a great day.

Our consistent presence has been a great reminder to the community. We will not let that building fade into the background of daily life. Aurora’s activists will always be there to remind the community that babies are killed there.

Protest Keeps the Abortion Conversation Going

After the protest wrapped up, I shared about several cars I had seen with parents pointing to the Planned Parenthood building at the stoplight and explaining to their children why the pro-lifers were protesting.

Those were conversations about abortion that likely would not have happened if it weren’t for the pro-life community’s faithful witness, and any conversation about abortion is a good one. That’s because the more people really think about abortion, the less they like it. If only because of that, the protest was a success.

The protesters then prayed an Our Father and went their separate ways, energized by standing up for life.

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