Protest of Aurora, IL “Abortion Fortress” Continues

Protest at Planned Parenthood Aurora 

Pro-lifers picket at Planned Parenthood Aurora [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

On Saturday morning, May 21, over 50 pro-lifers came to protest Planned Parenthood’s “Abortion Fortress” in Aurora, Illinois.

A protest against the facility has been held every month since it opened its doors in October of 2007.

Pro-lifers carried picket signs along New York Street outside the facility reading, Planned Parenthood BAD for Aurora, Stop Abortion Now, Planned Parenthood LIES to You and Moms for Life and Dads for Life.

Closer to the clinic itself, a group of local Knights of Columbus prayed a Rosary while others sidewalk counseled and still others supported the counselors in prayer.

Protest Keeps Planned Parenthood in the Public Eye

Protest at Planned Parenthood AuroraReactions from passersby ranged from angry honks and screams that pro-lifers should, “Get a life” to supportive honks and waves.

Though reactions varied, the fact that there was reaction, and there always is, displays one of the ongoing protest effort’s most important effects: it keeps Planned Parenthood Aurora in the public eye.

Planned Parenthood would love nothing more than to slink into the background of political life in Aurora. They tried to sneak their clinic into town without Aurora citizens finding out and have done everything they can to avoid publicity.

But the League’s protest efforts along one of Aurora’s busiest streets remind the people of the area that there is an abortion clinic in their midst, that children are dying there and that they can do something about it.

Get Involved Where You Live

Is there an abortion clinic in your area? If there is, odds are someone is doing something about it. If you’re not already, get involved in some aspect of the pro-life ministry there, whether it’s protest, counseling or prayer.

Check out the League’s national clinic witness map where we’ve pinpointed all the groups we know of around the country involved in any of these activities. Know of a group that’s not on the map? Contact us and let us know so we can add them to the map.

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