Personal PAC, Quinn and Goodman Should Be Ashamed

Jennie Goodman and Pat Quinn 

Jennie Goodman and Governor Pat Quinn

On Thursday, November 17, Personal PAC will hold its annual fundraising luncheon in Chicago.

Personal PAC is “dedicated to electing pro-choice candidates to state and local offices in Illinois.” Their motto—It’s Pro-Choice or No Choice—is unwittingly revealing. They believe in No Choice for an unborn baby. Nor do they really believe in choice for women.

Personal PAC actively opposes even measures that are beneficial to women such as a 24-hour waiting period before making a choice for abortion, laws mandating informed consent and Illinois’ parental notification law, which remains unenforced 16 years after being enacted.

League to Protest Personal PAC Abortion Celebration

The Pro-Life Action League will protest Personal PAC’s high-dollar event at the Chicago Hilton for a couple of reasons. In addition to Personal PAC’s own insidious commitment to abortion, this year Illinois’ governor, Patrick Quinn—a cradle Catholic—will present an award to Jennie Goodman, a woman who helped get him elected by appearing in a television ad promoting Quinn’s support for abortion.

In the ad, Ms. Goodman identifies herself as a rape victim and says she doesn’t know what she would have done if she had gotten pregnant. The very clear message in the ad is that she would have chosen abortion. Why else would she need to be sure Illinois had a pro-abortion governor?

Jennie Goodman is now a rape counselor and says that she does not advise women who have been raped to seek an abortion. She says it never crossed her mind to go to the police after her attack or to go to a hospital. Why then did she not focus on better resources and information for women who are victims of rape, rather than be featured in an ad that appears to recommend abortion as the only solution to the problem of rape?

Goodman, whose mother, Ann Goodman, is a board member of Personal PAC, and Governor Quinn are both helping to raise money to make sure abortion is not only legal, but virtually unregulated in Illinois. The women of Illinois are ill served by both and unborn babies are the ultimate victims in Illinois.

League To Show the True Face of “Choice”

The Pro-Life Action League will be there on fashionable Michigan Avenue showing the face of abortion to the guests who arrive for Personal PAC’s luncheon. They will arrive trying to look sophisticated and unaffected by the graphic images of abortion on display outside the hotel. But they will not succeed. We know the look of people who pretend they don’t see us and the ugly truth of abortion.

Personal PAC’s guests will see the graphic reality of what they support and promote. They should be ashamed to be identified with the gruesome killing of innocent, defenseless children. “Catholic” Governor Patrick Quinn should be especially ashamed. And we will remind him of his shame.

Perhaps Jennie Goodman should be commended for her counsel of rape victims, but not by an organization that is committed to adding a second violent crime to the initial violation of the rape. Women and children deserve better.

And if Goodman really doesn’t think abortion is the best choice for women who are raped, then she shouldn’t be associated with Personal PAC, because for Personal PAC, the only choice is abortion.

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