Pro-Lifers Document Abortion Emergencies across the Country

Abortion emergency video thumbnailsLast April, League staffer Matt Yonke and I were praying out at the notorious Planned Parenthood abortion center in Aurora, Illinois when an ambulance went into the parking lot to transport a woman to the emergency room. We acquired the 911 audio through a FOIA request, and produced a video to document it.

Since then, we’ve collected a growing list of similar videos, with pro-lifers across the country documenting 911 calls, ambulance transports and other medical emergencies at abortion facilities.

Thanks to the dedicated presence of pro-life activists right on the front lines outside America’s abortion facilities, the danger that abortion poses for women is being exposed.

Playlist Shows How Abortionists Imperil Women

Matt and I have put together a new playlist of the abortion emergency videos we’ve found up until now:

This playlist includes 17 videos so far, and there are many more out there to add. If you know of an abortion emergency video that should be included in this playlist, please provide a link in the comments section.

Help Document the Danger of Abortion

Meanwhile, make sure that you’ve got a camera (preferably a video camera) with you whenever you go out to pray or sidewalk counsel at an abortion facility. If you see an ambulance, take pictures and shoot video.

The League can help you get the 911 transcript, too, and even help you put together your own video, documenting the danger of abortion. Get in touch with us if you need help.

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