40 Days for Life

Planned Parenthood is on the defensive.  Just yesterday, they showed up to counter-protest against the Defund Planned Parenthood Truth Tour, led by Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave and Lila Rose of Live Action, held at the offices of Rep. Randy Hultgren (who voted in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood).

Here’s what Congresswoman Musgrave had to say about the event:

The energy at yesterday’s bus tour stops was incredible  – women are speaking out – America is speaking out – and telling Congress that NOW is the time to protect women, children and taxpayers and defund Planned Parenthood! It was so incredibly uplifting to see men and women, young and old, coming out in freezing weather to be a voice for the voiceless unborn, to stand for those women and young girls who have fallen victim to Planned Parenthood and it lies. They’re also out to say thank you to many of the Members of Congress who took a courageous stand in voting to defund Planned Parenthood—which has launched a vicious campaign against them. As you can see in the picture, our bus tour has been so effective that Planned Parenthood went into a panicked scramble and is now following us with their own bus!

And tomorrow, a first-ever spring-time 40 Days for Life at will begin at the Aurora Planned Parenthood. Thanks to Mary Ellen O’Rourke for organizing this effort.  Please visit the Aurora 40 Days for Life site for more information, to sign up for vigil hours and to support this important work.

For more information about the 40 Days for Life you can go to the main Aurora page here. To sign up, go to the Vigil Schedule page. May this be a great for of God and prayer! God Bless, Roger P.S. During the 40 Days for Life, we will be deferring our normal Life Support Calendar in lieu of the main 40 Days for Life Vigil Calendar in order to direct our combined efforts. Please continue to sign up to pray, especially during the 40 Days for Life campaign.

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