“Women Will Die”

One of the arguments used by advocates of the “pro-choice” movement is this: “If abortion becomes illegal, women will still have abortions anyway”, and “Women will die from these illegal abortions.” Hmmmm… where to start? For as worried as the pro-abortion side seem to be about people dying, they seem to have overlooked the most basic fact. Every abortion kills a child. Secondly, illegal abortions weren’t as common as the pro-abortion movement has made them seem. It has been claimed that, “In 1972 there were 1,000,000 illegal abortions and 5,000 to 10,000 women died from them” but the documented statistics are much different. The official number reported by the National Center for Health Statistics in 1972 was 39 deaths. So either illegal abortions weren’t as dangerous as advertised, or (this is the more plausible explanation) it’s safe to say that the number of illegal abortions was relatively small. While there are not a large number of deaths from legal abortions, they still occur although they are often hidden. The cause of death may be masked as “uncontrolled hemorrhage” or “rapid toxic shock syndrome” all of which are complications from abortion. Despite claims to the contrary, abortion IS more dangerous than childbirth. Finally, the argument “women will still have abortions anyway” is probably the weakest one I’ve heard. Sure, for any illegal activity, there will be malefactors who break the law. So let’s just make armed robbery, vandalism, and kidnapping legal, because people will do it anyway…

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